Computer Engineering Internship

In this internship, I designed and implemented PID, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, and Model Predictive controllers for a voltage regulation system using MATLAB and Simulink

Implemented those controllers onto a physical buck/boost controller in order to verify the results of the simulations

I also wrote and edited a research paper detailing the progress and results of the research to be submitted to an engineering conference

Finally, I also assisted in designing the lab’s website using Visual Studio with the use of HTML and CSS

Biomedical Engineering Internship

As a part of this internship, I assisted in determining exact origins of brain waves by segmenting acquired brain signals into appropriate epochs with the goal of creating an accurate and cost effective EEG scan.

I also evaluated literature in order to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary brain scanning techniques

Freshman Design Project

In this project, I designed an anatomical model of an adult model lung and the surrounding pleural space.

The model was designed using SolidWorks in an iterative prototyping process in order to uphold the accuracy of the model

I collaborated with Dr. Carol Kostovich (Associate Dean for Simulation Based Learning in the School of Nursing) to codesign the criteria for the model

Finally, I 3-D printed and presented the model to the School of Nursing as well as to the Loyola Community at the Loyola Weekend of Excellence

The model has been adopted by the Nursing Simulation Lab in order to demonstrate the insertion of a chest tube into the pleural cavity of the lung

Bridge Design Project

I designed a bridge with a group using SolidWorks to analyze the forces distributed throughout the members of our proposed model in order to more effectively build a model that holds the maximum amount of weight.

We implemented the design using dried spaghetti in order to represent the members and joints of the bridge

ALU/Microprocessor Design Project

I designed an implemented a single cycle ARM microprocessor and created a 32-bit ALU.

A test program in order to confirm the validity of the microprocessor

Finally, I used System Verilog in order to code the module and ModelSim in order to test it

A to D / D to A Converter Project

For this project, I designed and implemented a flash analog to digital converter and a digital to analog converter using operational amplifiers and digital circuits

Before implementation on a physical breadboard, the circuits were simulated using Simulink

Edge Detection/Image Processing Project

In this project, I used the Image Processing Toolbox in MATLAB in order to design a program that takes a photo of a hand and returns the amount of fingers being held up in the photo

Multiple image filters were used in order to obtain a version of the original image that would allow for the program to count the number of fingers being held up