About Me

My name is Matt Cmiel, and I am a current fourth year student at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Engineering Science with a specialization in Computer Engineering. I have a passion for solving complex and interesting problems as well as designing solutions for those problems that are not only effective and sustainable but also allow for an enjoyable user experience.

Throughout my time as an engineering student, I have worked on several projects that have shown my ability to work well with as well as lead a team in designing and implementing solutions to engineering problems. The completion of these projects has also shown my strong track record of being able to think quickly on my feet and be able to think analytically and problem solve well.

As an engineer, I am always looking to build upon as well as sharpen my current skillset and am always looking for projects and experiences that will allow me to expand my skills. No matter what problem I am presented with, I will draw upon my experience with working in groups, my strong willingness to learn and master new skills, and my strong work ethic in order to give my full effort to coming up with an effective and efficient solution to the problem at hand.